Our Mission

The broad picture of the foundation is to empower, preserve and help the future generation.

To seek and provide innovative solutions that can help individuals in African communities to overcome poverty by ensuring good health, job availability and financial independence. Especially youth, women and families.

We aggressively pursue safe delivery by harnessing simple cost effective methods to promote best practices in maternal care.

To ensure good health, we aim to prevent unwanted pregnancies among teenagers, family planning, ensure they know their sexual reproductive rights and are empowered with information on available job options they can venture into.

We also advocate for reduction in the incidence of HIV/AIDS, increased uptake of family planning in African homes, and promotion of health education in general.

For youth empowerment, we aim to carry out research on easy-to-setup job opportunities that youths can venture into to become self-empowered. The job options are those that can be combined with education and would enable the youths to be able to support their families.