Community birth attendants initiative

Community birth attendants initiative

Birth attendants deliver more babies than hospitals. We are working to make this safer, and with better outcomes.

To improve Nigeria’s maternal health indices, AfricanDEF is training community birth attendants with hands-on demonstration and empowerment…

Nigeria can significantly reduce maternal deaths by improving the skills of community birth attendants who are more trusted by pregnant women in rural communities than well trained health professionals because the birth attendants are also spiritual leaders in churches, mosques and others.

This is why the attendants deliver more babies than government-owned hospitals and represent a key group in improving maternal care and outcomes in Nigeria.

At AfricanDEF, we are training birth attendants on how to identify danger signs in pregnancy and equipping them to deliver babies safely.

The birth attendants are organised into groups across states and we are working with their network.

Our training module is on the identification of danger signs in pregnancy and we trained 350 birth attendants in July 2018 alone.