What We Do

  • Training and empowering community birth attendants to deliver babies safely

Our signature initiative is the Community Birth Attendants’ Training Program through which we combat maternal and early neonatal mortality. We also provide pregnant women with the AfricanDEF Delivery Kits to enhance clean and safe deliveries.

  • AfricanDEF help line

The Foundation runs a help line for community birth attendants carrying out deliveries and in need of urgent assistance, ambulance and referrals. Accessible via phone call, the attendants call the direct line during emergencies and are connected to a medical doctor that would provide prompt response and guidance thereby saving the lives of mothers and infants. One of the challenges that the help line is increasingly assisting birth attendants through is how to deal with the complications of unsafe abortions.

  • Our health initiative

We initiate and support general well being and health education to empower Africans with information and tools to prevent, manage and combat preventable diseases including malaria.We deploy impactful tools to promote sexual reproduction health, hygiene and family planning.We ensure that everyone we encounter is able to access good, affordable and lifesaving healthcare


We are creating public awareness and driving multi-faceted engagements to reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS with particular focus on the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Through our engagements with community birth attendants, we are closing the HIV diagnosis gap by taking HIV diagnosis to clinics in rural areas, churches and birth places where pregnant women feel more safe than hospitals. For those that test positive, they are connected to free HIV treatment.

  • Family planning

We are aggressively promoting family planning uptake among vulnerable and marginalized adolescent girls and women in African communities.

In partnership with the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP) and several others, AfricanDEF is supporting Nigerian youths to practice safe sex and embrace family planning. We family planning take campaigns to schools, churches, mosques, public and private institutions. We engage both men and women, teaching them what to do and how to access family planning services.

  • Youth empowerment

AfricanDEF is supporting young Africans to be self-sufficient and financially independent thus overcoming poverty. Through our initiative, we are assisting the young demography to be responsible members of the society

  • Digital Storytelling

In partnership with healthnews.africa, AfricanDEF’s digital storytelling project called Report+Impact is allowing Africans of all stages to tell their stories. Topics include reproductive health, enlightenment on HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases, youth empowerment and several others.