Who we are

African Development and Empowerment Foundation has an innovative approach towards solving specific challenges in Africa.

Our mantra includes No Poverty; Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-being; Quality Education and Gender Equality.

We are a group of health professionals and other passionate youths doing all we can to contribute to the achievement of SDGs in Africa, and eventually beyond.

We are committed to enhancing knowledge, demand, and access to quality healthcare and Family Planning among vulnerable and marginalized adolescent girls and women, thereby promoting Sexual Reproductive Health Right.

We train Community Birth Attendants to incorporate them into the health system thereby reducing maternal and child mortality.

We also develop, implement and monitor strategies in conjunction with the government and partners to find children exposed to HIV who are contributing to HIV health indices in Nigeria, by taking prevention of mother-to-child transmission to rural communities and preventing new HIV infection in children.

Our members have diverse expertise including photography, fashion, web designing, and writing. We are best fit to target young Africans in low socioeconomic environment and remote places to empower them to start small scale businesses.

With the help of partners, we are helping African women to reach their full potentials.