A success story of AfricanDEF’s reproductive health and family planning Helpline

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Ramat and Waheed are apprentices learning fashion designing and Auto Mechanic respectively but pregnancy mistakenly ensued which resulted in abuse, rejection and depression for Ramat.

Ramat is an 18-year old lady with little or no support from home, her mother sells pepper in the main market in her locality with four other children to feed, her father is almost jobless as he rarely leaves the house since he went blind 2 years ago from unknown cause.

Waheed provides her with transport fare to work and buys her food every evening from whatever he got from his boss at work on a daily basis.

She confirmed the pregnancy herself after a mild illness by buying the pregnancy test kit over the counter, and was devastated.

‘Everyone kept saying it’s my fault,’ she said.

At home, there was no peace, her mummy was bitter, her sibling detested her, her daddy does not want to have anything to do with her.

At work, she was the topic for discussion every day, even in her presence, everyone put the blame on her.

Ramat decided to try one of various abortion medications she has heard from friends over the years.

She bought a mixture of medications and took them with alcohol. After few hours, she started bleeding. She was scared therefore she presented at Mrs. Adio’s house, a community birth attendant.

AfricanDEF help line was called and Ramat was linked to one of the team members in a nearby health facility to save her life free of charge as she does not have any money on her.

Post abortion counseling was provided and she and her boyfriend agreed to do family planning which was provided immediately.

Ramat would have died from unsafe abortion but was saved thanks to AfricanDEF help line and humanitarian service that helped Amina.

AfricanDEF has reached 11,000 youths with reproductive health information, sexually transmitted infection treatment and counseling including HIV in both Oyo and Ogun states in southwest Nigeria.