Saving Pregnant Mothers In The Time Of COVID-19

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Through the help of AfricanDEF, its partners and donors, a pregnant woman in need of emergency care was able to access services

I bought the first unit of blood, the foundation covered the surgery while our friends and donors donated for her postoperative blood transfusion in order to have a successful caesarean section, said Dr Victoria Adepoju, Executive Director, African Development and Empowerment Foundation.

There’s never enough time to rally around for money for a pregnant woman in danger.

Mrs AO, a 28-year old woman who was in labour at a primary healthcare center in Ibadan was in the process of being referred to the government general hospital when one of the matrons called AfricanDEF to rescue her. 

According to the husband, the matron called four different doctors but they were all are on Easter break coupled with the lockdown hence they could not attend to the matron’s request.

The matron was concerned that my wife would die. She was paper white, obviously pale, weak, and the baby was not coming out of her vagina despite all efforts by the healthcare professionals. They needed doctor’s intervention. The husband continued.

Scenarios like this occur because of lack of access to funds by the spouse and families of the patients in distress especially in time like this. Mrs A. O was moved to the theatre immediately and a live female baby was delivered. With adequate resuscitation, the baby survived but Mrs A O still needed at least 2 units of blood transfusion as her blood level was very low.

Friends and families of the patient and the foundation were contacted for support and another blood group O Negative blood was gotten for transfusion.

The husband is still going around for support to buy consumables and food for the mother and newborn child.

Kindly support us in this era of COVID-19, baby delivery cannot be postponed till when there’s money and other resources. Any amount is welcome.

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