More women will deliver safely in the presence of skilled birth attendants

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“I wish every pregnant woman can deliver in the presence of a skilled birth attendant” said Mrs Aderemi, a Community Health Worker.
“I’m really sad this morning, I just heard one of my society member died at the mosque mission house after delivery. I don’t know why she went there because we still discussed last week”, she continued.

“I will encouraged you all pregnant women attending antenatal clinic here in this facility to embrace the opportunity and carry out all the investigations at a reduced cost”. Mrs Aderemi was really thrilled by the AfricanDEF Community Mobile Diagnostics (ACMD)- Laboratory and Ultrasound.

WHO defines a Skilled Birth Attendant as someone “trained to proficiency in the skills needed to manage normal (uncomplicated) pregnancies, childbirth and the immediate postnatal period, and in the identification, management and referral of complications in women and newborns”
Early identification of danger signs in pregnancy is important for prompt referral and prevention of complications during labour or after delivery.
According to Mrs Aderemi, the baby is alive, crying and sucking well while the mother has been wasted due to inadequate care, she is gone forever.

For your blood investigations, urine tests, stool and other tests including ultrasound scan, we will bring it all to you.

Let’s reduce and ultimately end maternal mortality together.
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Antenatal clinic at Kumapayi haelth center, Olodo, Ibadan.

No more Maternal death.

Dr Victoria Adepoju addressing pregnant women during antenatal clinic on the importance of antenatal care
Fetal monitoring using portable fetoscope during AfricanDEF Community Mobile Diagnostics visit to Kumapayi health centre