Adequate staff on stand by in primary health centers can improve maternal mortality in Nigeria

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“Because we have staff on night duty, more pregnant women are coming to deliver in our health centre”, said Mrs Akinboade, the health worker in charge of Abidiodan health centre.
“In my experience, most deliveries occur in the night. This is why we decided to work longer hours so as to spread the available number of staff to be able to cover the night shift”, she continued.
Mrs Akinboade talked about how it has not been easy because of shortage of staff.
“But we know that our responsibilities toward our community include saving mothers and their babies after caring for them throughout antenatal period”, she said.
“I really appreciate AfricanDEF’s effort in making laboratory investigations and ultrasound scan services accessible and affordable for our pregnant women, I will encourage them to embrace the opportunity during our clinics, they don’t have to go to town to carry out ultrasound scan again,” she concluded.

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